<h2 class="underline blue flush">Internal Medicine</h2> <p><strong>Health struggles can cause difficult, trying times. A great doctor can boost your outlook by diagnosing your problems and recommending treatment. A Doctor of Internal Medicine, or Internist, specializes in working with adult patients to monitor health and identify illnesses.</strong></p> <img src="/assets/silver_websites/demo/services_img.jpg" /> <h2 class="underline blue">What is Internal Medicine?</h2> <p>Simply put, internal medicine is concerned with diagnosing, preventing, and treating illness and disease in adults. Internists differ from family physicians in that they focus solely on adult patients.</p> <p>Many Doctors of Internal Medicine maintain a general focus, looking at a patient&#39;s full body and systems to prevent, diagnose and treat illness. Some Internists, however, choose a specialty, making them knowledgeable on a given subsystem or topic.</p> <p>Specialties of internal medicine include:</p> <ul> <li>Cardiology</li> <li>Immunology</li> <li>Adolescent medicine</li> <li>Critical care</li> <li>Endocrinology</li> <li>Gastroenterology</li> <li>Oncology</li> <li>Geriatric medicine</li> <li>Hospital medicine</li> <li>Sleep medicine</li> <li>Infectious disease</li> <li>Rheumatology</li> <li>Sports medicine</li> <li>Sports medicine</li> <li>Nephrology</li> <li>Hematology</li> <li>Pulmonology</li> </ul> <h2 class="underline blue">Why Choose Internal Medicine?</h2> <p>A Doctor of Internal Medicine is the ideal choice for <strong>most people</strong> when it comes to selecting a physician. Whether you?re a model of perfect health or fighting disease, a general Internist can <strong>diagnose, prevent and treat</strong> illnesses.</p> <p>From the smallest pains to difficult diseases, <strong>Internists specialize</strong> in providing the best possible care for adults. Your family physician may even call on an internal medicine doctor to help with a particularly tricky diagnosis.</p> <p>A Doctor of Internal Medicine can also act as a gateway to more specialized doctors. If you?re suffering from <strong>heart problem</strong>, for example, a general Internist can refer you to a <strong>cardiologist</strong>.</p>

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